2011/12/22 - Updated Lurk Spotlight.

2011/12/14 - Merged the Misc section into History, replaced the Misc menu link with the BBS link.

2011/01/26 - Added Epilogue - 2010, fixed a few typos and bugs.

2010/12/29 - Added an interview with Molokidan.

2010/08/20 - Have been fixing small errors and mistakes here and there for the last couple months. Moved the Update page to the forum, revamped the Misc section layout.

2009/12/31 - Added interview with Katze. Updated Legal page with info provided by ocean. Slight information update for History 1-3, Eric Phan interview, and Timeline.

2009/12/25 - Many grammar/spelling/etc. errors corrected incrementally since launch. Update page finally updated. Added interview with Eric Phan.

2009/10/10 - Launch!