Welcome to my tutorial site.


I have a lot of tutorials that I plan to put up here as time goes by but for now this is just a good place to start. I am going to start with the basics and work my way into some more complicated stuff. In making this site I am using Photoshop CS2. I don't use other editing programs so I can't be sure to be of a help to you with those but if you are using Photoshop than you might find some jewels in these pages. I spent a lot of time finding these tips and tricks for editing scanned manga. Some of it I was taught, some I found on other tutorial sites and some I thought I wonder if I can do this... then searched to see if Photoshop could do what I wanted it to. And still others I just sort figured out as I worked on a manga.

The following pages are fairly graphics intensive so if you are on dial-up I apologize but it should be worth the wait. Special thanks go to Obsession and Jinchuuriki for the excellent training I received and the use of some of their images and text in the making of these tutorials.


One thing to keep in mind. I have been working with Photoshop for over 4 years now and since I started editing for scanned manga I have learned countless new tricks in Photoshop. Most of these tricks will require that you play with them a little bit until you understand how it works... I'm still playing with the pen tool and haven't even come close to understanding how to make it work right yet.


The Basics: Editing 101

Organizing your efforts

Tilting the image and cropping


Removing text

Resizing the image

Basic HQ clean for Naruto


Typesetting 101

Adventures in typesetting

To stroke or not to stroke that is the question

Translating the translation script


More advanced techniques: Editing 201

Redrawing detailed lines

Unbending bent lines

Doing the Grays so that you don't get the Blues!



Typesetting 201

Tips and tricks for pre-typesetting in speed release groups



Useful Keyboard Shortcuts