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1/10/97: It seems VIZ COMICS finally desided to start distrubuting the Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z series' in america. More info is avalible on their home page. That basically makes this page illegal, and I will not be fan lettering any more of the Dragon Ball series. It was fun while it lasted. I am, however, still interested in fan lettering. If you know of any good manga, or can translate for me, PLEASE get in touch. Thanks to everone to even comming to this page, an d for those of you who emailed me with intrest. I'm planning a new page dedicated to fan lettering in general, so check back in a month or so.

8/23/97: I'm back. I just finished moew, the other site I was working on. While I was on vacation I piked up some more non-dragon ball japanese graphic novels, and am soon going to have a page up with scans from them up (non translated). Now that meow is done though, I can put most of my effort into the Dragon Ball Project. I will be getting in contact with everyone who wrote me again, and hopefully we'll see a new chapter up soon! Untill then, why now check out moew? (it's compleatly unrealated, yet still entertaining) Thanks for sticking with me here!

8/?/97: I'm going on vacation again, I'll be back in a week. I am now off of work so I can put a lot of time into the project. If you have contacted me about helping out, please do so again as my computer I used to be doing this off of has had some proble ms and the drive got formated. To keep you busy for a week, here are two links that lead to some other DB scans!

The Dragon Ball Kissaten (you'll have to look around)
Peter's DB scans (that's not it's real name, but this site is EXTREAMLY GOOD, so check it out for sure!!!)

6/15/97: okay, I felt bad about not haveing a new part up for you last night, so I worked my little tushi off and got Part 5 done. Whoopie! I have no I idea when part 6 will be compleate, as I don't have translations yet.

6/14/97: Boy am I in trouble. I haven't gotten done with part 5 yet. I apoligize to everyone, now school is out and although I work full time I'll do my best to get part five done by next week. I've gotten a lot of mail about this one, but I didn't feel l ike answering 20 e-male about the same thing, so here it is: I DO NOT HAVE BOOKS 1&2!!!! They have never been translated, but I would like to see it happen. If you are willing to, the Dragon Ball Project needs some help. We need people to help translate a nd do lettering. Also, if you have any dragon ball books and would be willing to scan them, let us know! Currently about 3 people are working on this, and it goes kinda slow. So chip in, it can even be fun (sometimes)!

6/1/97: What in the lords name has been going on around here? No updates in FOREVER, and a buch of pages that need to be redone! Just to let you know, a new section of the DBP is out, it's part 4. Also, I'm starting a mailing lis t to notify people whenever the page is updated. To get on the list drop me a note at: I've been relly bussy with school, and finals are now, but you can still expect another update in about two weeks!

8/4/96: uh....geeee. It's been over a month since I updated this. Well, I moved to a new server and here is part 3.

7/9/96: I'm BACK! well.... I don't have 3 new parts.... but part 2 is done!

7/2/96: I'm going on vacation. I suggest checking back here next tues. or wed. for up to 3 new parts!

The Dragon Ball Project is a way for english reading fans of Dragon Ball to get into the story and art of the manga. I take pages from the Dragon Ball graphic novels with japanese text and scan them into my computer. I then get my hands on a translation ( Jason Doyama does the translations for me. Much thanks to him!!! Here's his homepage.) of the manga and put the translation directly onto the pages. I hope you enjoy my efforts to bring this popu lar manga to america.


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Now here's what you came for! The scans that I've done will be up here for people to download for a good while, but will eventually be removed due to lack of disk space. If you have or know of a place that could store some pages for me that would be great . I you do mail me (! I would also apreciate any input from fans and anyone else who stumbles upon this page.


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