About Editing/Editing Requirements

From what I've seen, editing standards vary drastically between groups. Some groups require you to edit SFXs (sound-effects), or to edit a chapter within a week. Other groups are more lax on this, requiring no SFXs or a slower time-table. The easiest way to tell what your group requires (quality-wise) is to look at several chapters they have put out, or just to email them. Regardless of the time frame, nearly all groups nowadays expect editors to be able to clean the scans, typeset them, create a credit page, and save the final product in a jpg/png/gif format for distribution. This is not an easy task -- as you'll see from the sheer amount of material to learn on this site. Granted, this site is meant to teach you to be a "very good" editor -- not all groups have standards as high as mine. Nevertheless, editing is not for the impatient, those with little time, or those who can't take criticism.

Storm in Heaven Guidelines [-]
Chapters will usually vary from 25-50 pages. We prefer editors finish a chapter in 1-2 weeks, but if something comes up, we won't kill you. Faster editors, or editors with slow projects (translations every 3+ weeks) might be asked to edit a second project. You can, of course, decline =)
At the moment, we're on a one-editor-one-project basis. That means that each project only has one editor, though each editor may have more than one project. This keeps consistency in the projects, as the same editor will likely edit each chapter similarly.
Editors are expected to clean, typeset, and edit most sfxs. Large or complicated sfxs may be subtitled. Editors will not have to save to jpg/png/gif -- the Quality Checkers take care of this. Editors will upload the actual psd files for Quality Check to a provided FTP ^^

Photoshop is a requirement for this guide. Everything written here is geared toward Photoshop 7/CS (there is very little difference, editing-wise, between the two versions). Many groups require their editors use Photoshop. Some groups, however, will allow you to use any program that has the layer function, such as Paint Shop Pro (among others).

I'll be the first to admit Photoshop is way too expensive to buy in order to edit manga, which we're all doing for free. Ask your computer-savvy friends, and they'll likely toss you a copy or point you to where you can get one.