Color Pages

This page is devoted to how to clean up color pages, specifically manga covers. However, there are very few manga that have color pages that need to be typeset, and a few groups do require editors to edit manga covers. You basically just use the cloning and typesetting skills you will learn later, and then apply them to the color pages. But, since this is so rare, I'll just be covering how to clean up the color images, and not how to edit them.

First of all, you rotate, crop, and resize the color pages just like you would normal grayscale pages. Next you level them. It's much harder to determine how far to level a color page than a grayscale page. This is mostly because they sometimes don't have black, or white. If it does, this is simple; if not, then you have to make an educated guess.

Leveling 30 black and 220 white brought me to the second picture. Most color images probably won't be this extreme, but it's always a good idea to check and see if a color image needs to be leveled.

The second thing to do to a color image is to "auto-color" it. This is optional; auto-color will usually change the image's hues slightly, making it look more vibrant and less washed-out. If you notice that auto-color makes the image look worse, however, then don't use it. (Menu Bar>Image>Adjustments>Auto Color.)

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