Disclaimer/Contact Me

Comments, suggestions, or questions can be emailed to me here. At the moment, I will answer individual's editing questions, give tips, and in general be avaliable to anyone learning.

To anyone who wishes to use the material on this site: I will not grant permission. I see no reason to have several versions of this guide on the net, with only minor (group) differences. However, groups are more than welcome to use this site, and I'm more than willing to link to your group in my "Find a Group" page, as well as link to your specific editing guidelines there. Just email me. =)

To any foreign groups: If you're interested in translating all, or a good portion, of this guide into another language, please contact me. I'll probably give you the okay, on the condition that you link back to me and I link to you. Of course, you'd be able to substitute your guidelines for Storm in Heaven's.