Each group tends to have different standards (and some simply don't care) about how you make the credit page. The one usual standard is to include the name of the scanner, translator, editor, proofreader, and quality checker (or whichever apply). Also usually included is the manga name and chapter number. Some groups include the credits on a manga page, while others create their own page to put the credits on.

Storm in Heaven Specifics (a good guideline for everyone else)
Storm in Heaven has a few specifics. The credit page should be a separate page, of any height, with a width 690px or less. You may use color images or black and white, and can create a new credit page for each chapter or use the same one for every chapter. On the credit page please include:
With the exception of the logo, all fonts are up to you. In general, editors tend to use the same font in the credits as they do for the manga title on the actual manga pages. The main point is to make the credit page pretty. Click the following links for example credit pages: 01, 02, 03, 04.

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