It should be obvious by now that editing is an extremely time-consuming process. There are, however, a few shortcuts to editing. The first thing you should be aware of are the various keyboard shortcuts:
But even more useful than that is the option to create Actions. Actions are simply recordings of you doing an action, which can be replayed with the touch of a button. For example, you can assign an Action to automatically resize and level an image. That way, after rotating and cropping each image, you can resize it and use the same levels you did on the first page (where you recorded the Action) by hitting one button. To create an Action you'll first need to open the Actions window (Menu Bar>Window>Actions). Select the icon for "Create new action" from the bottom bar, and a New Action box will pop up. Name it and assign it a function key (the key you'll press to duplicate the action). Hit Record and it will automatically start recording. When you've completed the steps you want to record, hit the square (Stop Recording) icon in the Actions Window.

I'd recommend creating Actions for switching from black to gray text, gray to black, changing text to Wildwords, and adding a stroke. Also, an Action is ideal for saving images to pngs.

And that's the end of this guide. If you haven't already, you may want to do some practice pages in the Practice/Tests section. If you think you're ready, though, go and take your group's editing test.

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