Storm in Heaven's Editing Test

Welcome to the exam. Thanks for your interest in joining the team, though keep in mind that we don't always need editors (if we do, an ad will be posted at the top of our main page). To review the editing guidelines (or for experienced editors who just came here for the test), click the box below. Experienced editors, you can also send me a chapter you've edited instead of doing the test.

Storm in Heaven Guidelines [-]

The information below conflicts with the rest of the guide. I haven't updated the rest of it. These are our current editing standards.

Scans should be resized to 800px width, and two-page spreads should be a width of 1600 (height doesn't matter).

Fonts can be found in the Typesetting>Fonts page. All text should be black.

-Normal text: Wildwords
-Thoughts/Narration: Manga Temple
-Flashbacks: Italic Wildwords
-Smalltext: Augie
-Notes/Comments: Up to you; Felt works well.
-SFXs: Completely up to you.

SFXs: Please edit as many SFXs as possible, though you can subtitle large or complicated ones. Edit all the ones in the test =P

Keep in mind that I'm not expecting perfection, but considering how in-depth this guide is, I am expecting a good effort. So long as you try the first time, even if you don't pass, I'm usually willing to work with you to improve. That said, good luck!

Redrawing Test [just erase all the Japanese text and redraw the image completely]
Leveling/Typesetting Test [full edit, script]

When you've completed the two tests, please send the psds to this email. You can rar them to reduce the size. Hope to hear from you!