SFXs Styling: Separate Layers

Larger SFXs tend to need a bit more work to come out well. They're usually vertical, and in order for the English SFX to fit into the same place, you need separate them into parts. Take this page for example:

There are large SFXs in the top and bottom right frames. Especially for the bottom right frame, a large horizontal SFX won't fit. The solution is to put each letter of the SFX on a different frame, and then arrange/rotate them accordingly.

To download the psd for a better idea of how the layers fit together, click here. Separating the letters onto separate layers can also be beneficial because you can pretty much choose which part of the image to cover with the letters. This can save you lots of time when you have a complicated image that you want to avoid redrawing:

In general, just take your time with bigger SFXs. They'll come out prettier, and you'll likely be able to avoid excess cloning.

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