In general, an editor needs to use at least two fonts when typesetting: one for the main text (an all-caps font), and another for small-text (handwritten text). Some groups use another font entirely for thoughts/the narrator, and, of course, you use a variety of fonts for SFXs. Below are just examples of fonts to use; groups tend to have their own standards. For SFX, you can literally use any font; feel free to check out sites like FontFreak to pick out your own. Any of these, however, will be fine for practicing typesetting with. Grab these three font packs:

Regular Font Pack Contents:

SFX Font Pack Contents:

Storm in Heaven Guidelines [-]
The standard main font: Wildwords, font size generally between 12-13px.
Thoughts/narration: Manga Temple, ditto on the font size.
For small-text: Most of our editors use Augie, but you may choose any font that's easy to read.
Comments/Notations: Felt is good for this, since it's easy to make out at a small size.
For SFXs: Completely up to you ^^ The ones above are good!

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