Styling Text

By styling, I mean assigning different kinds of text different fonts. For example, look at the image below.

The different types of text are as follows: the thought in the upper-right, the normal text bubbles, the small-text, and the note (with an arrow next to it). Now, look at the completed sample:

The note is in FliarSSK, the small-text in Augie, and the thoughts in gray (hex #666666) WildWords. Using different fonts for these different aspects is more aesthetically pleasing than if you were to use just one font. Note that the small-text and note are tilted, which helps to distinguish them from the rest of the page. Without this styling, you'd have something like this:

Keep in mind that groups may have different standards for text styling. Most groups do style text, though =) The final styling recommendation I'll give is to bold/italicize text in spiky bubbles (text that's being shouted). If your main font is Wildwords, it has a "bolditalic" option that easily allows you to do this:

In addition to the styling I've shown here, some groups use a separate font for the narrator or flash-backs. Check with the group you're applying to for specifics.

Storm in Heaven Guidelines [-]
Text styling specifics:
  • Normal text: Wildwords, black.
  • Thoughts: Wildwords, gray (hex #666666).
  • Flashbacks: Wildwords black, italic.
  • Excited Text (in Spiky bubbles): Wildwords black, bolditalic.
  • Narration: Wildwords black will do, though you can use a special font if you'd like ^^
  • Small-text, notes, and everything else is up to you. If you don't want to find your own, FlairSSK is great for notes, and Augie is great for small-text.

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