The Idiot's Guide to Editing Manga
With Photoshop

Update: March 17th, 2008. Click for changes~ [-]
Added a short section on basic scanning techniques for flat, HQ scans.

Welcome to version 2 of my pet-project, the Idiot's Guide to Editing Manga. Hopefully you'll find this guide to be more comprehensive, less biased, and more idiot friendly than the previous version.

What do I mean by less biased? I've revamped everything so that it's more "for all groups" and less "for Storm in Heaven". If you're here to learn how to edit for Storm in Heaven, you'll need to click on the boxes that appear saying "Storm in Heaven Guidelines". If you're just here to learn, and then bug some other group, feel free to ignore these boxes :)

Storm in Heaven Guidelines [-]
To everyone applying to edit for Storm in Heaven:
Read through this guide to learn how to do stuff, and pick up our editing guidelines on the way. When you think you're ready, head over to the Storm in Heaven editing test. Look forward to hearing from you!

That about does it. Navigation is to the left; enjoy your stay! For anyone interested in using the material on this site, or to contact me with questions or comments, please see the "Disclaimer/Contact" link to the left.

Storm in Heaven