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July 10, 1996

I just seem to be the Copyright Violator of the Year! I wonder how they find me so quickly! Anyways, apparently I need express permission from Izumi Matsumoto and Shueisha to do this. Maybe I can visit them both when I go to Japan in August?

Whatever the case, until I clear things up how legally liable I am for all this, I'll unfortuantely have to stop putting up new stuff. Jail is NOT an option! Apparently Capital City Distribution has the manga. So maybe you should head there instead. Read the email I got.

But, in the mean time Phase 5 has been completed!!
Also I've FINALLY got all the TITLE PAGES up! Check em out!
Using new unique file-naming system to make it easier to store images. Some links are probably screwed up. Please email me if any are wrong. Thanks!

Got some questions for me? Make sure they're not in the KOR Project FAQ first.

Wait! Do you see spelling errors? Gramatical errors in my scans? Links that go into oblivion? Please email me at Please indicate which page the error is on, and I'll fix it right away. I hope :)

Current and Future Project Phases

Phase Number Episode Number Date Updated or Expected
Phase 1 Volume 1 Story 1 Updated June 25
Phase 2 Volume 1 Story 2 Updated June 27
Phase 3 Volume 1 Story 3 Updated July 1
Phase 4 Volume 1 Story 4 Updated July 5
Phase 5 Volume 1 Story 5 Updated July 10
Phase 6 Volume 1 Story 6 Hopefully Soon

Note don't hold me accountable to these dates. They are EXPECTED dates. As is common in the software industry, I'll update the images 'when it's finished!!'

In The Works

  • Fix up Phase 1 with Kasuga's name being major messed up
  • Scans up to Phase 6 are complete, just need to translate

    Need more!?! Check out my Ranma 1/2 Project. More non-stop laughs with our favourite guy.. uh.. girl.. uh... whatever. You know what I mean.

    Sugoi! An amazing so many KOR Fanatics have been here!
    Oh can't read Japanese? Well look here's the English:
    And here's the Japanese (in the same order of course):
    See you're learning Japanese, who's says manga's aren't educational!?

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