A collections of articles and resources on scanlation from elsewhere. Updated from time to time by the powers that be.


'Scanlators' Freely Translating 'Manga,' 'Anime' - The Japan Times, Mar 10, 2009.
      Explores possible conflict that may arise between scanlators and publishers.

Null's History of Scanlation - Null, Jul 14, 2008.
      Early history of scanlation.

The Demise Of Quality Scanlations Approaching? - Manga Underground, Jul 10, 2008.
      Detailed summary that looks at both sides of the "quality" versus "speed" debate.

A Comics Reader's Guide to Manga Scanlations - The Comics Journal, Oct 13, 2006.
      Guide to scanlation with focus on specific groups and projects.

Fans Lift J-culture Over Language Barrier - The Japan Times, Sept 7, 2006.
      Analysis of scanlation in the U.S., complete with comments from various scanlators.

The Great Big Scanlations-For-Cash Scheme: Pay for Free Manga! - Manga Jouhou, Apr 14, 2006.
      An editorial and discussion on the trend of distributing scanlation for money.

The Beauty of Licensing, the Evils of Scanlating - Manga Jouhou, Feb 11, 2006.
      The rising trend of scanlating licensed manga.

Scanlation Nation: Amateur Manga Translators Tell Their Stories - The Comics Journal, Jul 13, 2005.
      General introduction to scanlation with inputs from seasoned scanlators.

Response to What's So Bad about Scanslations? - S.dot.Com, Nov 1, 2004.
      A response to the article "What's So Bad About Scanslations?."

What is Scanlation - S.dot.Com, Oct 20, 2004.
      Overview of the process involved in scanlation.

ASIAN POP Manga Nation - SFGate, Jun 14, 2004.
      A manga-related article that also looks at scanlation.

What's So Bad about Scanslations? - S.dot.Com, Dec, 2003.
      A piece exploring the practice of scanning manga and translating them, and why they are bad.

Scanslation: Criminal or Acceptable? - MangaScreener, Apr 1, 2003.
      An editorial looking at the legality of scanlation.

Blogs and Discussions

How I Did it by Victor Frankenstein, or Reading Scanlated Manga for Beginners - Senile_Seinen Rants and Raves, Jun 9, 2009.
      Introduction to scanlation for beginners.

To Re-write, to Scan or a Mess. Which Manga Version Do You Prefer?? - Tiamat's Manga Reviews, Oct 19, 2008.
      Comparison of quality between scanlators and publishers.

Is the Death Knell for Scanlations and Fansubs Approaching?? - Tiamat's Manga Reviews, Aug 28, 2008.
      A look at the future of scanlation with increasing C&D letters sent by publishers.

Scanlations and Fansubs, Do They Teally Destroy the Market? - Tiamat's Manga Reviews, Jan 17, 2008.
      Questions whether scanlation really has a negative effect on the market.

The Whole Stop Tazmo Thing!! - Tiamat's Manga Reviews, Nov 23, 2007.
      An outsider's view of the NarutoFan/Tazmo drama.

Scanlation Groups 'v' #Lurk Pt2 - Tiamat's Manga Reviews, Sept 12, 2007.
      Part two of a summary of a conflict between Lurk and scanlators.

Scanlation Groups 'v' #Lurk - Tiamat's Manga Reviews, Sept 9, 2007.
      A summary of a conflict between Lurk and scanlators.

Best Comment from Scanlation "Debate" - Random Thoughts, Dec 6, 2006.
      Yet another round-up of comments from the "What has happened to Our Nice Little Community?" post.

Some Scanlation Reminiscences: Ichigo100% - Random Thoughts, Dec 6, 2006.
      The drama involved in the scanlation of Ichigo 100%.

Scanlation Debate Comments Round-Up - Random Thoughts, Dec 1, 2006.
      Another round-up of comments generated by the "What has happened to Our Nice Little Community?" post.

Comments/Questions Posed on Scanlation Post - Random Thoughts, Nov 28, 2006.
      A collection of interesting comments generated by the post "What has happened to Our Nice Little Community?"

What Has Happened to Our Nice Little Community? - Random Thoughts, Nov 17, 2006.
      Scanlator Floating_Sakura ponders how the scanlation community had changed.

Scanlation Ethics - Random Thoughts, Oct 29, 2006.
      The ethics of scanlation and why they're important.

Scanlations or Officially Licensed Releases? - Manga Jouhou, Jun 12, 2005.
      Part of Jouhou's Discussion Series that compares scanlation with official manga.

Do Scanlation Groups Still Have a True Purpose? - Manga Jouhou, Jul 8, 2005.
      Part of Jouhou's Discussion Series that looks at the purpose of scanlation.