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Hentai Scanlation? (2 posts)

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  1. Micah
    Posted 7 months ago

    First I want to say that this is a really cool website. It looks well done and like a lot of information has been compiled, especially the interviews are pretty neat. I never got big into manga, much less the scanlation scenes, so this is all news to me. Nice read.

    I am involved in scanlating H comics, though, which don't seem to have gotten much of a mention. Statistically speaking, I think it constitutes a notable section of scanlation. There are lots of interesting issues and topics unique to it as well.

    For example, the controversy involving commissions and pay sites. Another one being the laws concerning lolicon in various parts of the world and how advertisers have pressured hentai websites to remove certain content. Google has also taken down some blogs on blogspot, as well as removed websites from their search engine, presumably for the same reasons.

    In general, the scene is fairly untamed. I'd estimate that, compared to the amount of untranslated hentai that exists and the demand for it, there are far too few scanlators, hence the commissions and pay sites. Mostly there are fly-by-night one-man bands that release a few things of questionable quality, then head off into the sunset. But there are also a lot of smaller groups, individuals who will collaborate with others, and decent one-man operations that stick around. Not to mention a few large groups, at least one of which that wasn't mentioned *cough*.

    The sticky said not to post links to manga sites, so I won't, but along with that, there are some pretty big sites associated with hentai, doujinshi, and manga in general. I'd imagine you even know them, at least if you've read any hentai.

    And doujinshi is a separate but related thing. I'd consider it fundamentally different from published manga, but since there are a lot of hentai doujins, hentai and doujinshi tend to get grouped together. There are plenty of non-H doujins as well, though, and Touhou is practically it's own genre.

    So I think it would be cool if there was a bit more info on hentai scanlation. A list of several groups/individuals of wildly varying notability and mention that hentai is, in fact, shounen seems entirely insufficient. Especially considering it's seijin muke!

  2. gum
    The powers that be
    Posted 6 months ago

    Hmm very interesting suggestion, and I do believe this will make for a great "Side" article and a section in the history... now if only I can find some free time to work on it >.>;;; (which seems to be non-existent as of this moment)


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