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Suggestion and long search. (2 posts)

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  1. miaranda
    Posted 2 years ago

    -I am so happy someone finally decided to do this. It brings so many memories, I can't believe I recognize all the groups. I have a few suggestions and cool requests.

    Ijust noticed it you only put info on studio robb only in history... so I thought it was forgotten... I was wondering if you could put it also into the focus or get an interview with him. Just a wish. I manage to find his one only manga link to work..

    Also suggestions:
    I was wondering if you could make a list of all the works that they did. Like for instance Adachi Universe and Omanga, I really loved their work, however now that I can't access their sites or their gone I don't remember the names of the works that they did. It will be a cool suggestion.

    The second suggestion, I found it really cool how you got to interview all the heads of the group. I used to part of a scanlating group myself long time ago, but I have no clue how to come in contact with the head anymore since they disbanded. So it will be cool if it was fine with all heads, if they listed a way one can come in contact with them. I mean as an option?... Cause I totally wanna email Luchs from Mangasync or leave a message for her. I wonder if it will be possible. Hope it is not too rude?

  2. gum
    The powers that be
    Posted 2 years ago


    Glad you enjoyed reading the stuff :)

    Regarding Studio Robb, we do have an interview with him ;) The reason many groups didn't get a Spotlight article was mainly due to exhaustion, lack of manpower and laziness >.> perhaps one day we'll get to it hehe.

    As for a list of each group's works... that would have been way too time consuming, and you can probably find a relatively complete list on any one of the three release trackers (MU probably has a more complete and updated list).

    Finally, regarding contacts... most retired group heads probably prefer to remain "unreachable" for various reasons... for most groups, you can still find them in their group's IRC channel (Luch, for example).

    Hope that helped :)


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