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  1. gum
    The powers that be
    Posted 2 years ago

    While we try to be comprehensive, we're not omnipotent, so there may very well be many terminologies, softwares, or guides that we missed. If you'd like to contribute to those section, just post in this thread following the guidlines below:

    - List the term, and give a description of it (preferably as if you're writing the description for a dictionary)
    - Don't forget to list things like alt. spellings or acronyms.

    - Give the name, a description, as well as a link to the software (preferably with a downloadable (and working) copy of the software.

    - A link to the guide and the type of the guide

    C&D Letters:
    - We're also collecting C&D letters, so if you have any, or know about any, post them here~
    - We're only looking for actual text of the letter, meaning a description of the letter will not make it in to the C&D section

  2. quidam
    Posted 2 years ago


    first - great work with all the scanlations legacy. thanks!

    as for ths software section there is one application worth adding, imo.

    ComicRack is powerful comic/manga reader and advanced library manager.
    reads and converts cbr, cbz, rar, zip, 7z, pdf. it has custom filters, smart search, view modes, library sharing, scripting plugins, and more... in terms of functionality by far superior than any other existing solution out there. it's actively developed and of course free. windows only.



  3. gum
    The powers that be
    Posted 2 years ago

    Added :)

  4. Micah
    Posted 7 months ago

    Here's a term
    Snipe - To release something another person is working on before they do. Usually you get sniped, since it's hard to know if you've sniped someone.

    Some people use it for editing as a free or easier to use alternative to PS (not the same as MS Paint, if you're wondering).

    And a guide
    Ero Otoko's Guide to Translating and Editing
    Covers the basics of translating, editing, and decensoring ero-manga.

    I know of a couple of handy PS scripts, but I wouldn't want to post those around without permission from who made them.

    You might be able to get a couple C&D letters from my group's fearless leader. I don't want to drop names and all (I'm too abashed for unabashed self-advertisement), but send me an email if you want more info.


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