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  1. moris
    Posted 1 year ago

    Hello I've been a long time consumer of Scanlations since the old days. I read all genres and I'm so glad to have this site. So anyways I thought I'd share some information I came across recently.

    DMP's Digital Manga Guild - (from what I understand DMP is recruiting scanlation teams or those with the same skills to work for them. You don't get paid but you get a piece of the pie be it a very small piece. It seems to be a work in progress and rumors are being spread like wild fire of the good and bad.)

    It seems to be effecting mostly Yaoi Community and scanlation teams that focus on that genre but I did hear them mention that if it's successful they will branch off to shonen and others. This comes shortly after many scanlation teams get the notice from Libre to take their contents down. Some seem to have started going underground.


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