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thanks for this site! (4 posts)

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  1. ndrizzt
    Posted 1 year ago


    I am ndrizzt, I used to be part of the scanlation scene back in the day (toriyamaworld, omanga, etc), and my nickname appears on few pages :P

    I'd like to thank you a lot for what you did with this website. All your information is accurate (well, for the part earlier than 2003, it is, for the rest, I wouldn't know)

    This brings back some nostalgia...

    Thanks again!

  2. gum
    The powers that be
    Posted 1 year ago

    Great you liked it! ^^

  3. Tandgnissle
    Posted 3 weeks ago

    Yeah thanks for this, it is nice to remember the old days and learn a lot about things I never knew about the scene.

    #Mangascans on dalnet was unaffiliated with the one on efnet though, at least initially. I created it, ignorant of the one on efnet, heh I even scanned the same things as them in worse quality I think and I only played around with contrast and . Mostly old dark horse releases I borrowed from the local libriary. I did recive a cease and desist letter from Darkhorse about putting them up on my old homepage, which made me panic and pull the whole thing down. Made me quite sad when those things turned up with different credit pages on a pay site later on.

    Anyways the channel was initially unaffiliated with any particular group and started out quite humble with me getting people to set up ftp servers so that I could upload scans to people since I sat behind the school firewall and couldn't initiate any transfers. Later more competent people started hanging around the channel and it grew. I felt quite awed when releases started coming out in the channel from mangascans, real releases, not just scanned paperbacks or issues.

  4. gum
    The powers that be
    Posted 1 day ago

    It's really nice to see people from back then sharing info here ^^ Thanks for the compliment and glad you enjoyed it!


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