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  1. gum
    The powers that be
    Posted 2 years ago

    Some basic forum etiquette and policies:

    1. Use common sense and respect others' opinions. Do not troll, or post topics just to cause fights.

    2. Keep the conversation (and usernames) clean, please avoid excessive vulgarities and obscenities.

    3. Do not ask where to download manga, or offer manga download links, there are other places for those, this is a feedback/discussion forum.

    4. Avatar is not enabled, however, the forum does support Gravatar.

    5. When pointing out mistakes in the articles, please be specific, "blah blah sucks because it is full of grammar errors" is neither polite nor helpful.

    6. If you have ideas for new articles or content, or would like to add to existing articles, please post them in the "Feedback and Discussion" section, when they're approved, they will be moved to the "Update and Work in Progress" section.

    7. All reports on mistakes and errors will be looked over, it may take some time for them to be implemented though, so please be patient.

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