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  1. gum
    The powers that be
    Posted 1 year ago

    It's almost a year since the launch of Inside Scanlation, and what a year it's been!

    The project has been extremely successful, and as far as I can tell, quite a few people enjoyed reading about the history of scanlation (yay team!). The original goal of this project has already been achieved, namely, to bring a smile and some nostalgia to old timers, and to show the newcomers, along with those not familiar with scanlation, of the history and backgrounds of scanlation.

    However, all plans change when put in action. The original plan was to just leave the site as is after launch, yet, so many interesting things happened in the world of scanlation in the year since the site's launch. It would be a shame to not record those events somehow.

    So the solution seemed simple enough, simply write another chapter and add it to the site... but see, there will always be new history to record, so what should happen to Inside Scanlation in the future?

    1. Leave it as is, hope some time in the future someone else picks up the mantle.
    2. Update the site as new history is made.

    So obviously option 2 would be good for the site itself (and visitors who want to read more), but constantly updating the site would turn it into a news-like site, which really isn't something I intended it to be (mainly not enough time).

    So I've been thinking, how about:

    Keep the site as it, a static, encyclopedia-like resource site, but create a separate, smaller section, where people can write small blurbs (maybe news-like, or well-constructed rants, or something similar), and at the end of every year, we take those writings and compile/combine/edit them into a new chapter to be added to the History section.

    This is just an idea, for it to work, of course, will mean people are actually willing to participate.

    Feel free to give your thought and ideas on this!


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